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Exposure Assessment Measurement Publications

Publication - Use of Job Exposure Matrices

Friesen MC, Coble J, Ji B-T, Lu W, Shu X-O, Ji B-T, Xue S, Portengen L, Chow W-H, Gao Y-T, Yang G, Rothman N, Vermeulen R.  Combining a job exposure matrix with exposure measurements to assess occupational exposure to benzene in a population-based cohort in Shanghai, China.  Ann Occup Hyg 2012;56(1):80-91. PMC3259038.

Publications - Occupation- and Industry-specific Modules

Friesen MC, Coble JB, Katki HA, Ji B-T, Xue S, Lu W, Stewart PA. Validity and reliability of exposure assessors’ ratings of exposure intensity by type of occupational questionnaire and type of rater. Ann Occup Hyg 2011;55:601-611. PMC3131504.

Pronk A, Stewart PA, Coble JB, Katki HA, Wheeler DC, Colt JS, Baris D, Schwenn M, Karagas MR, Johnson A, Waddell R, Verrill C, Cherala S, Silverman DT, Friesen MC. Comparison of two expert-based assessments of diesel exhaust exposure in a case-controls versus expert review of individual jobs: Programmable decision rules versus expert review of individual jobs.  Occ Environ Med 2012;69(10):752-8. PMCID: 3439531.

Publications - Synthesis of Publicly Available Exposure Data Sources

Park D, Stewart PA, Coble JB. (2009a) A comprehensive review of the literature on exposure to metalworking fluids. J Occup Environ Hyg; 6: 530-41.

Park D, Stewart PA, Coble JB. (2009b) Determinants of exposure to metalworking fluid aerosols: a literature review and analysis of reported measurements. Ann Occup Hyg; 53: 271-88.

Pronk A, Coble J, Stewart PA. (2009) Occupational exposure to diesel engine exhaust: a literature review. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol; 19: 443-57.