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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

Laboratory of Translational Genomics in the News

Investigators in the Laboratory of Translational Genomics communicate about their research in a variety of media.

AACR Interview (2011) with Dr. Stephen Chanock

Dr. Stephen Chanock speaks with AACR on the progress of genome-wide association studies.

"Insights from Genome-Wide Association Studies and the Steps Beyond" - 2011 (highlights video)

This seminar was presented by Dr. Stephen Chanock at the Hefei 2011 GWAS workshop in Anhui, China. The workshop was supported by Nature Genetics and by Anhui Medical University.

Highlights from the seminar "The Heritable Component of Cancer: Insights from Genome-Wide Association Studies and the Steps Beyond" (for the full version see the Translational Genomics YouTube Playlist

Read the accompanying commentary Milestone in Anhui in Nature Genetics.

On Second Inspection

Genetic variants help predict second cancers, a 'lab on a chip' can diagnose deadly diseases, and what patent reform will mean for drugmakers 

Nature Medicine discusses new genetic variations that help predict second cancers after radiation therapy for Hodgkin lymphoma. Listen to the August 2011 podcast "Collateral Cancer" with NCI's Dr. Stephen Chanock at Nature Medicine

Also, read the accompanying article A step toward slaying the hydra of second cancers by Drs. Lindsay Morton and Stephen Chanock in Nature Medicine News and Views.

Other genomics news...

New ion-sensing method offers quick and inexpensive technology for genome sequencing. Read the article Chip chips away at the cost of a genome, in Nature News.

Q&A: NCI’s Stephen Chanock on the Three Waves of Genome-Wide Association Studies, read the interview on GenomeWeb, March 2011.