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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

Chief, Clinical Genetics Branch, Tenure-Eligible Position

The Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG), National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH) is recruiting a senior clinician scientist or epidemiologist to serve as Chief of the Clinical Genetics Branch (CGB).   The CGB conducts interdisciplinary research to advance the understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of cancer and to translate this knowledge into effective evidence-based medical management strategies (including counseling, prophylaxis, screening, surgical risk reduction, and chemoprevention) for cancer-prone individuals and families. Current active protocols target hereditary cancer susceptibility syndromes, inherited bone marrow failure syndromes, risk of cancer in medical conditions not typically thought to include cancer in their classical phenotype, and a portfolio of human papilloma virus-related translational research projects; most have integrated behavioral/counseling/psychosocial research. Study-derived biospecimens are routinely leveraged into collaborative, laboratory-based, etiologically-oriented analyses of genomics and molecular susceptibility.

The Branch Chief will have the opportunity and resources to conduct an independent program of research and to shape the research direction of CGB.  CGB currently includes a staff of 4 tenured or tenure-track investigators as well as staff clinicians/staff scientists, senior research nurse, senior genetic counselor, pre- and post-doctoral fellows; additional recruitments are anticipated. CGB resources include collections of cancer-prone families, cohorts of patients at risk of cervical carcinoma by virtue of persistent HPV infection, access to biorepositories for processing and storage of biospecimens, a core genotyping and other laboratory facilities, and contracts for computer programming and for family and epidemiologic field studies, including nurses and genetic counselors.  In addition to managing these resources, the Chief oversees the administrative management of the Branch, supervises staff members, mentors tenure-track investigators and post-doctoral fellows, and ensures the scientific quality of CGB research. Other duties include providing consultation to national and international investigators and public health officials, and acting as liaison with agencies and organizations seeking expertise related to cancer genetics, cancer genetic counseling, cancer susceptibility and risk assessment, and cancer prevention.

The successful candidate must hold either a medical degree or a doctoral degree in genetics, epidemiology or related fields.  He or she must demonstrate knowledge of clinical cancer genetics and genetic risk assessment as well as a proven ability to: (1) conduct high-quality original research using epidemiologic and interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the role of genetic susceptibility to cancer; and (2) publish such work in peer-reviewed scientific or medical journals and present it at scientific meetings. The candidate must also demonstrate administrative experience, including supervision at a senior level of scientific management.

The Chief, Clinical Genetics Branch will be eligible for a tenured appointment at a salary commensurate with his/her qualifications and experience.  Full Federal benefits including leave, health and life insurance, long-term care insurance, retirement, and savings plan (401k equivalent) will be provided.  Qualified candidates may be considered for the NIH Senior Biomedical Research Service.

Interested individuals should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae and bibliography, a brief summary of research interests and accomplishments, scientific administrative experience, copies of up to five publications or preprints, and the names and addresses of three references to:

Ms. Catherine McClave
Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute
9609 Medical Center Drive, MSC 9776
Bethesda, MD 20892

Applications received by April 30, 2013 will be considered for a first round of interviews, but applications will be accepted until the position is filled.