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March 2013 Linkage Newsletter

Table of Contents

Research & Publications

Understanding the Risks of Medical Radiation

Researchers in DCEG's Radiation Epidemiology Branch uncover the cancer risks associated with low-dose diagnostic and screening procedures and high-dose radiation therapy.

Diesel Methodology Papers Earn 2012 Thomas Bedford Memorial Prize
DCEG Staff Contribute to New Edition of Women and Health Book

Scientific Highlights

Major Editorials, Commentaries, and Reviews

News & Events

Mitchell Gail Gives NIH Gordon Lecture

Dr. Mitchell Gail, a senior investigator in the Biostatistics Branch, presented the annual NIH Robert S. Gordon, Jr. Lecture in Epidemiology. His lecture was titled “Using risk models for breast cancer prevention.”

Patricia Hartge Receives the Harvard Alumni Award of Merit
Debra Silverman Receives NIH Director’s Award
Barry Graubard Selected as AAAS Fellow
Amy Berrington de González Presents NIH Director’s Seminar

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DCEG Staff Updates

Tenure-Track Investigators Develop New Methods for Genetic Analyses

Drs. Jianxin Shi, Sonja Berndt, and Joshua Sampson develop statistical methods to analyze the complex data generated by genome-wide association studies.

Three Investigators Receive Scientific Tenure
Stephen Chanock Named Acting Co-Director of NCI’s Center for Cancer Genomics

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Fellowship News

DCEG Professional Development Activities

To thrive as a world-renowned research organization, DCEG encourages continued learning and professional growth for staff members.

NIH Recognizes 2013 FARE Winners

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Scientific Highlights

Physical Activity and Mortality

More leisure time physical activity was associated with longer life expectancy across a range of activity levels and body mass index groups.

New Interferon Gene Associated with Impaired Clearance of HCV

The findings provide new insights into the genetic regulation of hepatitis C virus clearance and its clinical management.

GWAS of Lung Cancer Among Never-smoking Women

The authors found no evidence of association at 15q25 among never-smoking women in Asia, providing strong evidence that this locus is not associated with lung cancer independent of smoking.

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