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Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Prevention Study

Investigators in DCEG are conducting a cross-sectional study of urinary estrogen metabolites in association with mammographic density among postmenopausal women. Participants are drawn from the cross-sectional Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Prevention (B4BCP) study, which was designed to explore determinants of mammographic density in a sample of postmenopausal women. Participants were recruited when they sought mammographic evaluations at a radiology clinic near Buffalo, NY in 2005. They included 225 enrolled participants who were aged 45-80, postmenopausal, and reported no history of cancer or current hormone use. They provided first morning urine samples, and completed questionnaires which queried reproductive and medical histories, as well as dietary and lifestyle factors. The present study takes advantage of a well-characterized study sample, an intermediate marker of breast cancer risk, and the sensitive, specific, and reliable LC/MS2 assay to test hypotheses about the roles of estrogen metabolism in breast cancer etiology. Investigators are studying associations of urinary estrogen metabolite profiles with mammographic density, dietary and lifestyle factors, and established breast cancer risk factors.

For more information, contact Louise Brinton.

Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology Branch - Research Areas