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Population Studies of Hematologic Tumors using Scandinavian Registries

The ability to link population-based registries containing parent-offspring links with cancer registries and hospital discharge registries in the Scandinavian countries allows investigators in the Genetic Epidemiology Branch (GEB) to conduct studies of familial aggregation of cancers. In alliance with collaborators in Sweden and Denmark, GEB conducts investigations designed to quantify familial aggregation of hematologic cancers and related conditions. The overall goals of these studies are to assess: 

  • Familial aggregation of lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative hematologic malignancies and related precursor conditions. 
  • Family and personal history of immune-related and inflammatory disorders and risk of hematologic neoplasms. 
  • Disease characteristics and outcomes for familial hematologic malignancies and related precursor conditions.