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Occupational Code Assignment System (CodeSearch)

The Codesearch System is a PC-based system which provides users with an interactive method for assigning standardized industry and occupation codes to related job description titles from specific studies. User-created text files, which contain job description titles, are imported to the system. Code assignments are made utilizing standard Industry/Occupational Codelists. The Codelist is used to search for word/string or number matches which relate to each title. The user then assigns the appropriate code using the list of matches.

The system displays information about the current text file and Codelist selections on most screens. Screens also display available function keys. Navigation throughout the system is controlled by menu selection with the key providing a means of backing up to the previous menu level.

To install CodeSearch on your PC you must:

  1. Download the self-extracting CodeSearch executable.
  2. Create a directory for CodeSearch.
  3. Change to that directory.
  4. Execute the file you downloaded.

In your CodeSearch directory you will then have a copy of the documentation along with all the program files you need to run the system.

Software Download:

Download Codesrch.exe. This file is a self-extracting executable file. Save the file in an appropriate folder on your disk. Click on it, and all the files that you need to run the CodeSearch program will be extracted.

To run the program, double click on the Sicsoc.bat file NOT the Sicsoc3.exe file. The Flush.exe file is used to clear out unwanted files in case you have an error while running the program.

The documentation appears in Word Perfect format (Codesrch.wpd) and PDF format (CODESRCH.pdf). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF file. You can obtain a copy for free by clicking on the icon below.


Questions? Contact: Melissa Friesen