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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

Personal exposure- X-ray Technicians Questionnaire

Questionnaire Topic: 

X-ray and Other Radiation Exposures (Personal History) 

Study Title: 

X-ray Technicians--Second Survey 


radiologic technologists, radiation, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, radiology, radiologic technicians 

Principal Investigator(s): 

M. Doody 

Type of Questionnaire: 

Self-administered optical scan 

Last Year of Data Collection: 


Short/Long Form: 

Short Form 


Doody M, Mandel JS, Lubin JH, et al. Mortality among United States radiologic technologists, 1926-90. Cancer Causes and Control 1998;9:67-75. 

Download Personal_exposure_X-ray_Technicians_questionnaire (Word, 23 KB)