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Ag Health - Occupational History & Exposure Questionnaire

The following questionnaire segment contains questions that have been used as part of DCEG or other epidemiologic studies. This segment has not necessarily been reviewed or analyzed by the Technical Evaluation Committee. Please view it as a starting point that can be adapted or improved upon as appropriate. Learn more about DCEG Questionnaire Development Resources.

Questionnaire Topic: 

Occupational History/ Exposures 

Study Title: 

Agricultural Health Study 


farms, pesticides 

Principal Investigator(s): 

M. Alavanja 

Type of Questionnaire: 


Last Year of Data Collection: 


Short/Long Form: 

Long Form 


Alavanja MC, Sandler DP, McMaster SB, et al. The agricultural health study. Environ Health Perspect.1996;104(4): 362-9.

Alavanja M. Occupational cancer risk associated with the storage and bulk handling of agricultural foodstuff. J Toxicol Environ Health.1987;22(3):247-54.

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