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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

Sarah S. Jackson, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Independent Research Scholar

Sarah S. Jackson earned her Ph.D. in epidemiology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She focused her doctoral research on risk prediction models for healthcare-associated infections. Prior to joining DCEG, Dr. Jackson worked in vaccine clinical trials at The EMMES Corporation and with the AIDS Clinical Trials Group at Social & Scientific Systems. She joined the Infections and Immunoepidemiology Branch (IIB) in 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow. In 2021, she was inducted into the NIH Independent Research Scholar Program.

Dr. Jackson’s research interests include sex differences in cancer incidence and cancer risk and outcomes among transgender and non-binary individuals. She is currently working with Jill Koshiol, Ph.D., senior investigator, IIB, utilizing the Biliary Tract Cancers Pooling Project (BiTCaPP) to study sex-specific risk factors for biliary tract cancer. She is also working with Meredith Shiels, Ph.D., tenure-track investigator, IIB, to describe health disparities in cancer burden among transgender and non-binary individuals.