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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention
James Feng is a postbaccalaureate fellow in the LTG Choi Lab.

James Feng, B.S.

Postbaccalaureate Fellow

James Feng, B.S., joined the Laboratory of Translational Genomics (LTG) as a postbaccalaureate fellow in the laboratory of  Jiyeon Choi, Ph.D., Earl Stadtman Investigator, in 2020. Mr. Feng graduated with a dual bachelor of science degree in biology and evolutionary anthropology from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, in 2020. His undergraduate research focused on functionally annotating complex evolutionarily significant traits in wild mustard plant populations and determining their associated mechanisms. His research also included developing and evaluating radiopaque nanomaterials for surgical implants in cancer patients.

Mr. Feng is studying genetic susceptibility to melanoma and lung cancer through functional characterization of risk loci reported in genome-wide association studies, under the mentorship of Dr. Choi.