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Radiation Epidemiology Course Notifications

The next Radiation Epidemiology & Dosimetry Course will be held September 9-13, 2019. Further course and registration information will be available in early 2019. To receive notifications, please send us your name and email address.

Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry Course

The Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry Course is conducted periodically by the Radiation Epidemiology Branch of the NCI Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG). This course is intended for people who are interested in learning about the health effects of radiation exposure (environmental, occupational, and medical)—particularly the relationship between ionizing radiation and cancer.

The course was designed assuming some familiarity with basic epidemiologic concepts, terminology and methods of data analysis; however, most of the material will be understandable for people with college-level training in basic biology, chemistry and physics.

Overall Course Topics

  • Understanding Statistical, Dosimetric and Genetic/Genomic Tools in Radiation Research

    A session on current methodological tools used in radiation epidemiology, including genomic laboratory approaches, an introduction to  R and other statistical tools for risk assessment, and new techniques  for assessing dose in medical radiation studies

  • Principles in Radiation Epidemiology, Dosimetry and Statistics

    A background session on concepts in radiation epidemiology, statistics and dosimetry

  • Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry: Concepts, Studies, and New Developments

    In-depth training in radiation epidemiology, covering key studies and new developments with a full day each for:
    o    Radiobiology and Genomics
    o    Environmental and Occupational Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry
    o    Medical Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry

Panel discussions cover low dose radiation risks, views on cell phone risks, and other topics.

Presentation Videos

Click on the presentation titles below to view available course presentations and download slides. (Please note that a few presentations were not made available - some at the speakers’ requests, others due to technical difficulties).

Genetic and Genomics Laboratory Tools and Approaches (slides only - pdf, 4.4 MB)
Meredith Yeager, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Introduction to R
Joshua Sampson, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Risk Assessment in Radiation Epidemiology I
Risk Assessment in Radiation Epidemiology 2
Mark Little, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Dosimetry Tools for Medical Radiation Studies (slides only - pdf, 10.5 MB)
Choonsik Lee, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Introduction to Epidemiology Concepts, Study Design and Radiation Epidemiology
Martha Linet, M.D., M.P.H.
National Cancer Institute

Radiation Risk Modeling
Ethel Gilbert, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Principles of Radiation Physics & Dosimetry I
Principles of Radiation Physics & Dosimetry II
Steven Simon, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Radiation Studies & Concepts I
Radiation Studies & Concepts II
John Boice, Sc.D.
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) and Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Essential Radiobiology for Radiation Epidemiologists
David Brenner, Ph.D.
Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University

Low-Dose Radiobiology and Radiation Genetic Risk
Michael Atkinson, Ph.D.
Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Cancer Genomics: Integration with Radiation Studies (slides only - pdf, 7.4 MB)
Stephen Chanock, M.D.
National Cancer Institute

Cellular Defenses against Radiation Injury (slides only - pdf, 2.9 MB)
Leon Mullenders, Ph.D.
Leiden University Medical Centre (Netherlands)

Non-Cancer Tissue Effects from Radiation Exposure
William McBride, Ph.D.
UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center

Central Nervous System Effects after High Energy Radiation Exposure
Jacqueline Williams, Ph.D., FASTRO, and M. Kerry O’Banion, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Rochester Medical Center

Environmental Dosimetry and Uncertainties in Doses
Vladimir Drozdovitch, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Occupational Dosimetry and Uncertainties in Doses
Steven Simon, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Natural Background Radiation: Health Effects
Richard Wakeford, Ph.D.
Institute of Population Health, University of Manchester (U.K.)

Atomic Bomb Survivor Studies: Overview and Recent Findings
Dale Preston, Ph.D.
Hirosoft International

Radiation Workers Throughout the World
Ethel Gilbert, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Radiation-related Cataracts in Clean-up Workers
Norman Kleiman, Ph.D.
Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Late Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident
Maureen Hatch, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Panel Discussion: Low-Dose Radiation Risks

Diagnostic Imaging, Screening and Cancer Risk (slides only - pdf, 1.4 MB)
Amy Berrington de González, D.Phil.
National Cancer Institute

Organ Doses from CT Imaging
Choonsik Lee, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Radiation Doses from Cancer Treatment
Rebecca Howell, Ph.D.
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Cancer Risks from Radiation Therapy
Flora van Leeuwen, Ph.D.
Netherlands Cancer Institute

Cancer Risk from Radiation Exposure: The Role of Genetic Susceptibility
Preetha Rajaraman, Ph.D.
NCI Center for Global Health

Cardiovascular Outcomes from Radiation Exposure
Steve Lipshultz, MD, FAAP, FAHA
Children's Hospital of Michigan, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Panel discussion: Medical Radiation

Solar Ultraviolet Radiation and Health
Lisa Cahoon, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute

Extremely Low Frequency (power frequency) Magnetic Field Exposures and Health Risks

Radiofrequency (mobile telephones) Exposures and Health Risks: Findings and Controversies
Martha Linet, M.D., M.P.H.
National Cancer Institute

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