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Interferon Lambda: Disease Impact and Therapeutic Potential

Research on the Interferon Lambda family (IFN-λs, type-III IFNs) has blossomed over the past decade. Unknown until 2003 and initially seen as largely redundant to type-I IFNs, it is increasingly clear that IFN-λs, that include IFN-λ1-4, play an important role in a wide range of conditions through mechanisms that challenge existing paradigms of IFN function.

The purpose of the meeting is to promote research on IFN-λs by enhancing interdisciplinary communication and encouraging new collaborations. Presentations will address IFN-λ biology, IFN-λ therapy, genetic association of variants in the IFN-λ region with multiple phenotypes and response to treatment, as well as the role of IFN-λ in hepatitis C virus (HCV) and other infections, hepatic fibrosis and cancer.

There is no registration fee, but pre-registration is required and attendance will be limited to 100 participants. Presentations by an outstanding group of invited speakers will be augmented by short talks selected from submitted abstracts. A poster session will provide additional opportunities for scientific interactions. The deadline for abstract submissions is September 1, 2018 with notification of disposition by September 14, 2018.

Sponsors: Intramural and extramural divisions of the National Cancer Institute with support from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and several interest groups of NIH.

Thomas O’Brien – Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, NCI
Ludmila Prokunina-Olsson – Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, NCI
Howard Young – Center for Cancer Research, NCI
Raymond Donnelly – Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA

For more information, contact Sandra Brown by email ( or by phone (240-276-7183).