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DCEG Staff Receive NIH Merit Awards

March 2011 - Linkage Newsletter

At NCI's annual awards ceremony in November, NCI Director Harold Varmus, M.D., presented NIH Merit Awards to several DCEG staff members in recognition of their accomplishments.

Recipients of NIH Merit Awards

Individual Merit Awards

Laura Beane Freeman, Ph.D., Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch, was recognized for her important scientific contributions to furthering our understanding of the effects of formaldehyde exposure on cancer risk.

Amy Berrington de González, D.Phil., Radiation Epidemiology Branch (REB), was recognized for her groundbreaking work in estimating the radiation-related cancer risks associated with the use of computed tomography scans.

Amanda J. Cross, Ph.D., Nutritional Epidemiology Branch (NEB), was recognized for her leadership of an innovative multidisciplinary research program designed to clarify the etiologic role of red and processed meat consumption in cancer.

Mentoring Awards

Allan Hildesheim, Ph.D., Chief of the Infections and Immunoepidemiology Branch, and Katherine A. McGlynn, Ph.D., M.P.H., Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology Branch, received NCI Outstanding Mentor Awards for their exemplary mentoring and guidance of trainees in cancer research. Dr. Cross and Barry I. Graubard, Ph.D., Biostatistics Branch, received NCI Mentor of Merit Awards for excellence in mentoring and guiding the careers of trainees in cancer research.

NIH Merit Group Awards

The AARP Study Group, including NEB Chief Arthur Schatzkin, M.D., Dr.P.H., and Yikyung Park, Sc.D. (NEB), was recognized for its scientific leadership of the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study Team.

The CancerSPACE Group, including Wendy Schneider-Levinson, Office of Communications and Special Initiatives (OCSI), was recognized for its outstanding team contribution in advancing cancer education through the application of innovative simulation technologies to support health professionals seeking to reduce cancer disparities.

DCEG OCSI—including OCSI Chief Catherine B. McClave, M.S.; branch members Jennifer Loukissas, M.P.P., Saloni Nayar, M.P.H., Alyssa Voss, M.P.H., and May L. Yu; and Samantha Nhan and Cherie M. Vitartas, M.P.H. (both formerly of OCSI)—was recognized for its exceptional scientific reporting and communications activities in support of the DCEG mission.

The NCI Office of Budget and Finance Group, including Denise Brandenburg of the Administrative Resource Center, was recognized for outstanding performance and leadership in managing the fiscal year 2009 appropriations.

The PDQ (Physician Data Query) Cancer Genetics Editorial Board, including Mark H. Greene, M.D., Chief of the Clinical Genetics Branch, Gladys M. Glenn, M.D., Ph.D., Genetic Epidemiology Branch (GEB), and Jorge Toro, M.D. (formerly of GEB), was recognized for its excellent work. The PDQ Screening and Prevention Editorial Board, including Rebecca Smith-Bindman, M.D. (formerly of REB), was similarly recognized.

DCEG Length of Service Certificates

Several Length of Service certificates were awarded to DCEG staff. Recognized for 30 years of service were:

Michele M. Doody, M.S., Radiation Epidemiology Branch (REB)

Ruth A. Kleinerman, M.P.H. (REB)

M. Patricia Madigan, Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology Branch

Shelia Hoar Zahm, Sc.D., Deputy Director of DCEG
Recognized for 20 years of service were:

Alisa M. Goldstein, Ph.D., Genetic Epidemiology Branch

Allan Hildesheim, Ph.D., Chief of the Infections and Immunoepidemiology Branch