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Spring 2010 Intramural Research Awards

March 2011 - Linkage Newsletter

DCEG Intramural Research Awards are competitive funding opportunities designed to foster creative, interdisciplinary research by fellows and tenure-track investigators. Funding may be up to $50,000 per proposal. Of the many excellent proposals submitted for the spring 2010 competition cycle, the winners and their proposals were as follows:

Laufey Amundadottir, Ph.D., Laboratory of Translational Genomics: Integrating transcriptome and association analyses in pancreatic cancer.

Paula Hyland, Ph.D., M.P.H., Genetic Epidemiology Branch: Genome-wide analysis of histone modifications in melanoma-prone families.

Sarah Nyante, Ph.D., Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology Branch: Changes in mammographic breast density and breast cancer outcomes among women treated with tamoxifen.

Members of the NCI Board of Scientific Counselors evaluate proposals based on their potential for significant scientific or public health impact, innovation, interdisciplinary nature, ability to achieve the objectives within the proposed time frame and resources, and programmatic relevance to DCEG's mission.