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2012 DCEG Intramural Research Awards

March 2013 - Linkage Newsletter

DCEG Intramural Research Awards (IRAs) are competitive funding opportunities designed to foster creative, high-impact research by fellows and tenure-track investigators. Proposals are evaluated on their potential for significant scientific or public health impact, innovation, interdisciplinary nature, ability to achieve the objectives within the proposed time frames and with the proposed resources, and programmatic relevance to DCEG’s mission. From the many excellent proposals submitted for IRAs in 2012, the following lead investigators and their proposals were selected:

Clara Bodelon, Ph.D., M.S., Hormonal and Reproductive Epidemiology Branch (HREB): "Telomere shortening as a marker of biological heterogeneity in breast cancer"

Arash Etemadi, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., Nutritional Epidemiology Branch: "Developing a non-invasive method for measuring esophageal tissue-specific PAH exposure as a risk-stratification marker for esophageal squamous dysplasia"

Paula Hyland, Ph.D., M.P.H., Genetic Epidemiology Branch: "Mitochondrial DNA copy number in blood and risk of melanoma in melanoma-prone families with and without CDKN2A mutations"

Morgan Marks, Ph.D., Infections and Immunoepidemiology Branch: "Are all HPV-positive tonsil cancers truly invasive cancers?"

Sarah Nyante, Ph.D. (HREB): "Conservation of molecular signatures between primary and contralateral breast tumors"

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