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Sharon Savage Appointed Chief of the Clinical Genetics Branch

Sharon Savage

Sharon A. Savage, M.D. was named the new Chief of the Clinical Genetics Branch (CGB). She takes over from Mark H. Greene, M.D., who directed the Branch since its creation in 1999. Dr. Greene will stay on in CGB as a senior investigator.

Dr. Savage joined CGB in 2006 as a tenure-track investigator and was promoted to senior investigator with tenure in 2012. Her research has focused on the genetic and molecular epidemiology of telomere biology, pediatric cancer etiology, and inherited cancer predisposition syndromes, including dyskeratosis congenita and Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Dr. Savage currently leads an international effort focused on the genetic etiology of osteosarcoma, and serves as the NCI Liaison to the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health. She was recently elected to the American Society of Clinical Investigation in honor of her scholarly achievements in biomedical research.