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Osteogenic Sarcoma Case-Control Study - Children's Oncology Group

A collaboration has been established with the U.S. Children's Oncology Group (COG), the NCI-sponsored clinical trials cooperative group that treats the vast majority of children diagnosed with cancer in this country. DCEG investigators have initiated a study of germline genetic variation and osteogenic sarcoma (OS) risk, using 900 OS cases from which COG has collected and stored germline DNA samples. Controls will be selected from prior and ongoing DCEG studies, genetically matched to avoid bias related to population stratification. This study has evolved from one in which htSNPS from a ~100 biologically-plausible candidate genes (including those identified in our earlier work) implicated in growth, height, hormone synthesis and metabolism, bone formation, tumor suppression, cell cycle regulation, chromosome stability, telomere maintenance, DNA repair and ribosomal metabolism would be genotyped, into a full-scale genomewide association study.

For more information, contact Sharon Savage.

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