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Confluence Scientific Steering Committee

Co-chaired by DCEG Deputy Director Montserrat García-Closas, the Confluence project scientific steering committee brings together representatives of different collaborative groups, provides scientific expertise, contributes to the development of the research plan, and provides oversight of the research resource for use by the wider scientific community.

Confluence Project Scientific Steering Committee
Member Affiliation Representing/coordinating
Montserrat García-Closas NCI Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, USA Co-Chair (DCEG)
Doug Easton Cambridge University, England Co-Chair (BCAC)
Jonas Almeida NCI Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics (USA) Data Science
Antonis Antoniou Cambridge University, England CIMBA/Statistical Genetics
Jenny Chang-Claude German Cancer Research Center DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany BCAC risk factor working group
Nilanjan Chatterjee Johns Hopkins University, USA Statistical genetics
Georgia Chenevix-Trench QIMR-Berghofer, Australia CIMBA
Fergus Couch Mayo Clinic, USA ENIGMA
Laura Fejerman University of California, Davis, USA LAGENO-BC
Judy Garber Harvard University, USA Clinical Trials
Liz Gillanders Division of Cancer Control and Prevention Sciences, NCI, USA DCCPS/NCI extramural
Chris Haiman University of Southern California, USA AABCGS
Pete Kraft Harvard University, USA Prospective cohorts / Statistical genetics
Roger Milne University of Melbourne, Australia BCAC DACC Chair
Nick Orr Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland Male breast cancer studies
Julie Palmer Boston University, USA AABCGS
Paul Pharoah Cambridge University, England BCAC pathology / survival Working Group
Marjanka Schmidt Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands BCAC pathology / survival Working Group
Jacques Simard University of Laval, Canada PERSPECTIVE I&I
Wei Zheng Vanderbilt University, USA ABCC and AABCGS


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