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Clinical Genetics Opportunities with Specific Investigators

Training in the Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes of Childhood

CGB is seeking a clinically-trained pediatric or medical hematology/oncology physician with research interests in the Inherited Bone Marrow Failure disorders, e.g., Fanconi anemia, dyskeratosis congenita, Diamond Blackfan anemia, Shwachman Diamond syndrome, Thrombocytopenia Absent Radii syndrome, etc., who desires a postdoctoral research opportunity which is focused on these rare conditions.

The Branch is now more than 12 years into assembling and analyzing the world's largest cohort of affected families, systematically collecting demographic, medical, epidemiologic, genetic, and psychosocial/behavioral data plus carefully-annotated biospecimens, to support etiologically-oriented translational research. This includes the opportunity to learn the clinical phenotype of these diseases first-hand, participate in the evaluation of clinical research protocol participants, become involved in the analysis and publication of data derived from this cohort, and acquire new skills related to clinical genetics and epidemiology.

Qualifications: Individuals with clinical training in pediatric or medical hematology/oncology who also have a strong interest in inherited bone marrow failure and cancer predisposition syndromes are sought for this position. Previous training or experience in genetics, epidemiology, and/or biostatistics would be highly beneficial, although not required.

For further information, please contact either Dr. Blanche Alter or Dr. Sharon Savage.

See the Division Fellowship Information page for general overview, qualifications, and application details.