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Bibliography of REB publications related to the Marshall Islands

2010 Health Physics Publications

Papers published in a special issue of Health Physics, 99(2), August 2010.

  • Simon SL, Bouville A, Land CE, Beck HL. Radiation Doses and Cancer Risks in the Marshall Islands Associated with Exposure to Radioactive Fallout from Bikini and Enewetak Nuclear Weapons Tests: Summary. Health Physics 99(2): 105-124; 2010.
  • Beck HL, Bouville A, Moroz BE and Simon SL. Fallout Deposition in the Marshall Islands from Bikini and Enewetak Nuclear Weapons Tests. Health Physics 99(2): 124-142; 2010.
  • Bouville A, Beck HL, Simon SL. Doses from External Irradiation to Marshall Islanders from Bikini and Enewetak Nuclear Weapons Tests. Health Physics 99(2): 143-156; 2010.
  • Simon SL, Bouville A, Melo D, Beck HL, Weinstock RM. Acute and Chronic Intakes of Fallout Radionuclides by Marshallese from Nuclear Weapons Testing at Bikini and Enewetak and Related Internal Radiation Doses. Health Physics 99(2): 157-200; 2010.
  • Land CE, Bouville A, Apostoaei I, Simon SL. Projected lifetime cancer risks from exposure to regional radioactive fallout in the Marshall Islands. Health Physics 99(2):201–215; 2010.
  • Simon SL. Dedication: Payne S. Harris (1922–2010). Health Physics 99(2):216; 2010.
  • Harris PS, Simon SL, Ibrahim, SA. Urinary Excretion of Radionuclides from Marshallese Exposed to Fallout from the 1954 Bravo Nuclear Test Health Physics 99(2): 217-232; 2010.
  • Ibrahim SA, Simon SL, Bouville A, Melo D, Beck HL. Alimentary Tract Absorption (f1 Values) for Radionuclides in Local and Regional Fallout from Nuclear Tests. Health Physics 99(2): 233-251; 2010.
  • Moroz BE, Beck HL, Bouville A, Simon SL. Predictions of Dispersion and Deposition of Fallout from Nuclear Testing Using the NOAA-HYSPLIT Meteorological Model. Health Physics 99(2): 252-269; 2010.

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