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Study Design/Planning Tools

  • CHARRED: Computerized Heterocyclic Amines Resource for Research in Epidemiology of Disease

    Charred is a software application used to estimate intake of the mutagenic compounds in cooked meats.

  • Job Modules for Occupational Questionnaires

    Descriptions of special questionnaires with modules designed to obtain detailed information for over 40 specific jobs, available from the Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch of DCEG.

  • Occupational Code Assignment System (CodeSearch)

    The Codesearch System is a PC-based system which provides users with an interactive method for assigning standardized industry and occupation codes to related job description titles from specific studies.

  • Pesticide-Exposure Matrix

    The "Pesticide-exposure Matrix" was developed to help epidemiologists and other researchers identify the active ingredients to which people were likely exposed when their homes and gardens were treated for pests in past years.

  • POWER V3.0 Software

    POWER V3.0 Software is used for computing sample size and power for binary outcome studies.

  • Questionnaire Development Resources

    Resources made available by DCEG for use in developing study questionnaires. Includes questionnaires reviewed and approved by DCEG’s Technical Evaluation Committee, as well as non-reviewed questionnaire modules to be used as starting points for development.