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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

Risk Assessment Macros and Software Programs

Risk assessment tools developed by DCEG and made available for use by researchers.

NCI Risk Assessment Tools

Learn how DCEG applies absolute risk modeling to develop tools to aid clinicians and their patients.

Jump to NCI risk assessment tools for clinicians and individuals:

Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer
  • Colon Cancer Risk Assessment - SAS Macro

    A SAS macro that projects absolute risk of colon cancer according to NCI’s Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (CCRAT) algorithm.

  • Colon Cancer Risk Assessment - Gauss Program

    An executable file (in GAUSS) that projects absolute colon cancer risk (with confidence intervals) according to NCI’s Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (CCRAT) algorithm. GAUSS is not needed to run the program.

  • Radiation Risk Assessment Tool (RadRAT)

    Descriptions of an online calculator for estimating the lifetime risk of cancer incidence for members of the U.S. population (or countries with similar cancer incidence rates) from exposure to ionizing radiation for doses below 1 Gy.

  • Thyroid Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (tcrat)

    The R package thyroid implements a risk prediction model developed by NCI researchers to calculate the absolute risk of developing a second primary thyroid cancer (SPTC) in individuals who were diagnosed with a cancer during their childhood.