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Michael Dean Laboratory

Research Focus

The laboratory of Dr. Michael Dean focuses on inherited (germline) genetic variation, and somatic mutations in tumors, and the combined effect of both on cancer risk, progression, and response to therapy. This work has included participated in the cloning of genes (PTCH, VHL) causing inherited cancers, characterizing common variants associated with cancer, and sequencing the genomes of tumors to identify genes commonly altered. Currently the lab works on unlocking the mechanisms through which genetic alterations affect cancer risk. By evaluating the genetic factors of tumors and the host, the lab is identifying new biomarkers for early detection and treatment. The group has a major focus on investigations into the genetic components of cancer health disparities in the U.S. and Latin America.

Dean Lab Members

The team is formed with fellows and staff from diverse backgrounds and work closely collaborate with each other as well as members of LTG and outside collaborators. Fellows are trained and mentored within the lab as well as within the LTG to help them achieve individual research and career goals.

Life in the Lab

Labs are all about collaboration. Working together, the team keeps science moving forward, utilizing new tools and approaches, and helping each other learn.

Nicole Rossi (left) and Hong Lou (right) working in the Dean lab.

Nicole Rossi (left) and Hong Lou (right) perform cell culture and other tasks in the Dean Lab.