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OEEB Tools & Resources

OEEB's research emphasis is also on developing innovative tools and approaches for assessing carcinogenic risks from occupational and environmental exposures.

Job Modules for Occupational Questionnaires is a resource of questionnaires with modules designed to obtain detailed exposure-oriented information for over 40 specific jobs encompassing over 10 specific industries. 

SOCcer: Standardized Occupation Coding for Computer-assisted Epidemiologic Research is a publicly available application that was developed to assist epidemiological researchers incorporate occupational risk into their studies.

Pesticide-Exposure Matrix was developed to help epidemiologists and other researchers identify the active ingredients to which people were likely exposed when their homes and gardens were treated for pests in past years.

PLCO Atlas, part of GWAS Explorer, accelerates innovative analysis of GWAS results through a dynamic framework of interactive visualizations designed to aid in uncovering novel connections and spark new avenues of investigation.

Catchment Areas of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers is a web-based application that visualizes the geographic areas served by the 71 NCI-designated Cancer Centers. 

Spatial Power: Estimate Statistical Power of Spatial Clusters is a suite of web-based applications designed to perform power calculations of spatial statistics easily and efficiently, to support accurate study design for cancer epidemiology studies.

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