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Margaret A. Tucker, M.D.

Director, Human Genetics Program

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Moles to Melanoma: Recognizing the ABCDE Features

This online tool contains serial photographs of pigmented lesions: common moles, dysplastic nevi, and melanomas, taken over time. Includes associated clinical descriptors.  Explore the Moles to Melanoma website.

Margaret A. Tucker, M.D.

Margaret A. Tucker, M.D.

Organization:National Cancer Institute
Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, Human Genetics Program
Address:NCI Shady Grove
Room 7E542
Phone: 240-276-7396


Dr. Margaret A. Tucker is Director of the Human Genetics Program. Dr. Tucker received her M.D. from Harvard Medical School and completed training in internal medicine and medical oncology at Stanford University Medical Center. In her over 30 years at NCI, Dr. Tucker has led the Institute’s research program on familial cancers, the etiology of melanoma, and multiple primary cancers. Her research team and collaborators identified the first major susceptibility genes for melanoma. Dr. Tucker and her team published a melanoma atlas, created training videos for the clinical examination of members of high-risk families, and developed the first calculator to estimate an individual’s risk of developing melanoma.

Research Interests

  • Genetic and environmental components of familial risk
  • Etiology of familial and sporadic melanoma and dysplastic nevi
  • Etiology of multiple primary cancers