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DCEG's Mission

DCEG’s mission is to discover the causes of cancer and inform the means for prevention by conducting transdisciplinary epidemiological and genetic research. 

DCEG investigators conduct transdisciplinary research on risk factors for cancer, involving extensive trans-divisional, trans-NIH, national and international collaborations. The DCEG research portfolio and vision covers three broad areas: 

  1. Etiology of cancer
  2. Risk prediction, prevention, early detection and clinical outcomes 
  3. Methodological research on study design and data analytics

To achieve its mission, DCEG developed a strategic plan for 2020-2025 with specific goals and strategies. 

Health disparities and health equity research is a tenet described in the strategic plan. In 2023, discussions for the future of this research in the Division led to to the creation of the Cancer Health Equity Strategic Goals 2024-2027

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