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Wei Hu, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

NCI Shady Grove | Room 6E648



Dr. Hu received his Ph.D. from the University of Science and Technology, Beijing in 2005 in safety technology and engineering, with a specialization in environmental and occupational safety. His dissertation topic was environmental exposure and human health. He completed two years of postdoctoral research in the Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch (OEEB), and became a staff scientist in 2012. Dr. Hu provides scientific support to OEEB molecular epidemiology studies of chemical exposures and their association with lung cancer, lymphoma, and biomarkers.

Research Interests

  • Lung cancer, household air pollution from solid fuels, genetic susceptibility, and occupational and environmental exposure to other particulates
  • Molecular epidemiology studies of known or suspected occupational hematopoietic carcinogens
  • Molecular epidemiology studies of lymphoma