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DCEG Strategic Plan 2020-2025

DCEG developed a strategic plan which outlines the goals and strategies for achieving its mission of discovering the causes of cancer and the means of its prevention.

Strategic Goals

DCEG has identified three primary goals and the following activities for each of the goals for achieving its mission:

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Goal 1: Conduct world-class epidemiological and genetic research

  • Improve process for prioritization of research
  • Increase support and capacity for data analytics
  • Improve data use and sharing following FAIR principles
  • Increase the diversity of study populations
  • Enhance research in health disparities
  • Increase cross-branch research initiatives
  • Efficiently use DCEG, NCI, and NIH resources
  • Improve administrative processes
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Goal 2: Maintain a highly skilled and diverse workforce and train the next generation of scientists to support public health

  • Improve recruitment strategies to attract highly qualified and diverse candidates to DCEG
  • Increase professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Take advantage of existing training courses and create new training opportunities when needed
  • Develop and implement strategies for workforce equity
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Goal 3: Disseminate DCEG research on cancer risk and etiology

  • Increase DCEG profile in the research community
  • Describe and document policies for dissemination of research findings
  • Develop strategies to help external investigators understand what we do
  • Develop policy and provide guidance for investigators wishing to participate on policy and advisory boards

Download the DCEG Strategic Plan document (PDF, 1.2 MB) to learn about DCEG’s Mission, Strategic Goals, Research Portfolio and Vision.

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