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Data Science Fellowship Opportunities

The Data Science and Engineering Research Group (DSERG), led by Jonas Almeida, Ph.D., is involved in large cohort studies, both national and international. Data types are constantly evolving. The group works with data including:

  • genomics 
  • digital pathology 
  • computational pathology
  • environmental exposures
  • lifestyle/behavior 
  • artificial intelligence

The technology landscape is evolving rapidly, with wearable sensing and consumer-facing health services creating entirely new opportunities to research and develop precision prevention of cancer. Fellows contribute to hackathons such as

DCEG's Commitment to Training

Apply to be a Fellow in DSERG

The Data Science Research and Engineering Group seeks candidates with a doctoral degree with an emphasis on:

  • bioinformatics
  • computational statistics
  • computer science
  • media science 
  • data science
  • neural network-based artificial intelligence (AI)

Projects are technology and data-intensive and explore computational solutions at the consumer-facing intersection of cloud and web computing.

Access an interactive transcript and audio-described version of the "Commitment to Training" video.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and must include:

  1. a curriculum vitae;
  2. a statement of research interests to be pursued during training; and
  3. three letters of reference.

For more information about the position, contact Jonas Almeida, Ph.D., Director of Data Science.

To explore training opportunities in other research areas, see a full list of the DCEG research groups on Apply for Fellowships page.

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