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Current Fellows in the Data Science & Engineering Research Group

Meet the fellows in the Data Science & Engineering Research Group (DSERG) and learn about their work.

  • Jeya Balaji Balasubramanian, Ph.D., M.S.

    Dr. Balasubramanian, a postdoctoral fellow at the DSERG, is working with Jonas S. Almeida, Ph.D., and several other collaborators on different projects, including developing a statistical method to detect novel queries to a predictive model, developing risk prediction models for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and more.

  • Lee Mason, M.S.

    Mr. Mason, predoctoral fellow in the Data Science & Engineering Research Group, is conducting research focused on interactive visual analysis of time-series data, under the mentorship of Dr. Jonas Almeida (Chief Data Scientist, DCEG) and Dr. Blánaid Hicks (Queen's University Belfast).