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Lee Mason, predoctoral fellow

Lee Mason, M.S.

Predoctoral Fellow

NCI Shady Grove | Room 7E542


Lee Mason joined the Data Science & Engineering Research Group in the Trans-Divisional Research Program, as a predoctoral fellow in January 2021. He received his M.S. in digital pathology of cancer from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Ireland, in 2020, and his M.Eng. in computer science from the University of Southampton, UK, in 2019.

Mr. Mason is now pursuing a Ph.D. in cancer research from QUB, as part of the NIH Graduate Partnership Program. He is conducting research focused on interactive visual analysis of time-series data, under the mentorship of Jonas S. Almeida, Ph.D., Director of Data Science (DCEG) and Dr. Blánaid Hicks (QUB).