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Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Working Group (ARIWG) in DCEG

The DCEG Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Working Group (ARIWG) was initiated by DCEG staff in January 2021 in the wake of news about numerous and continual racially motivated violence taking place across the country. ARIWG is a group of volunteers with the common goal of promoting and advocating for an anti-racist, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplace within DCEG. The group is inclusive of everyone in the Division (i.e., all federal employees, fellows, and contractors in scientific, administrative, and support roles).    


The mission of the DCEG ARIWG is to advance, cultivate, and preserve a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Division. Members prioritize individual and collective education and learning about the factors that allow the perpetuation of structural racism and other prejudices that hinder inclusivity so they can be disassembled wherever we may encounter them, within DCEG, or in other aspects of society where we may have influence. 

Guiding Principles 

The group seeks to embody the core values of respect, compassion, accountability, and confidentiality and will maintain an open and supportive perspective. Priority will be given to emergent issues and concerns identified by the group and individuals across the division. The group will:   

  • Create space for discussion about racism and inclusivity issues.  
  • Understand and identify inequity, lack of diversity, inaccessibility, and inclusivity issues and concerns within our community.  
  • Identify strategies to address inequity, lack of diversity, and inclusivity challenges in DCEG.  

For more information, contact Sara Schonfeld.

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