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Jiyeon Choi Laboratory

Research Focus

The laboratory of Dr. Jiyeon Choi focuses on understanding genetic susceptibility to lung cancer and melanoma. The laboratory aims to identify new genomic loci associated with lung cancer in diverse populations through international collaboration. Dr. Choi’s team further identifies functional variants and affected genes from these loci using functional genomics approaches. The team also characterizes susceptibility gene functions in cell-based systems and aims to further identify the cellular and environmental contexts in which susceptibility genes are functional. Dr. Choi’s group also works on building transcriptomic/epigenomic resources from diverse populations.

Read Dr. Choi's comments in the blog post "Examining Genetic Influences on Lung Cancer," part of the I AM INTRAMURAL Blog.

Choi Lab Members

The team is made up of fellows and staff from diverse backgrounds and experience encompassing experimental and computational specialties. Lab members closely collaborate with each other as well as members of LTG and outside collaborators. Fellows of all stages have opportunities to be trained and mentored within the lab and through the collegial environment at LTG while striving to achieve their research goals.

Life in the Lab

Labs are all about collaboration. Working together, the team keeps science moving forward, utilizing new tools and approaches--even when working remotely.

Members of the Choi Lab stay current with each other via video conferencing.

Choi Lab members performing dance moves

Members of the Choi Lab perform dance moves as part of a team-building exercise at the Lab picnic. 

Choi Lab members collaborate on turning out kabobs at a branch picnic.

Choi Lab staff members collaborate to turn out tasty kabobs. 

Choi Lab members picking apples

Choi Laboratory members enjoy picking apples at a nearby farm.

Choi Lab members picking fruit

Choi Lab members enjoy the outdoors and fruit picking. 

Choi Lab Alumni

Postbaccalaureate Fellows

  • James Feng, B.S.
  • Karen Funderburk, M.S.
  • Alyxandra Golden

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Erping Long, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Harsh Patel, Ph.D.


Jiyeon Choi Publications