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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

Kai Yu, Ph.D.

Senior Investigator

NCI Shady Grove | Room 7E630



Dr. Yu received a Ph.D. in biostatistics from the University of Pittsburgh in 2000, and had postdoctoral training in statistical genetics at Stanford University. He joined NCI in 2005 as a tenure-track investigator, and was awarded scientific tenure by the NIH and appointed senior investigator in 2012. Dr. Yu's research addresses a wide variety of statistically and computationally challenging problems that have arisen in design and analysis of modern high-dimensional genetic and molecular epidemiologic studies. In 2009, he received an NIH Merit Award for developing creative statistical methods for genetic epidemiologic studies.

Research Interests

  • Statistical methods for genetic and genomic studies
  • Tree-based models and applications in molecular epidemiology studies
  • Machine learning approaches for automated cervical screening and triage


Press Contacts

To request an interview with NCI researchers, contact the NCI Office of Media Relations. | 240-760-6600