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Adaptive Rank Truncated Product - Version 2 (ARTP2)

ARTP2 is an R package of biological pathway analysis or pathway meta-analysis for genome-wide association studies (GWAS). It also provides tools for gene-level test as a special case. ARTP2 is an enhanced version of two previously released packages ARTP and AdaJoint. The current version is 0.9.20.


  • Association test on user-defined genes or pathways
  • No need to assume independence between genes in a pathway (genes can be closeby or overlapped)
  • Accepting individual-level genetic data or SNP-level summary statistics from one or multiple GWAS
  • Supporting continuous or binary outcome (case-control studies)
  • Comprehensive data pre-processing options
  • Automatic allele validation and matching in processing inputs from summary data
  • Inflation factor adjustment
  • Toolkit for SNP-level meta-analysis
  • Parallelization under Linux-like OS using OpenMP

Download Software:

Note: While this page is updated frequently, the GitHub page, accessible through CRAN, is updated most frequently.



ARTP version 1 and AdaJoint are no longer being maintained. For access to those files, please email Kai Yu.