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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

DCEG Courses for Current Fellows

DCEG Molecular Epidemiology Course
This course is offered to DCEG fellows every 2-3 years. Led by DCEG investigators, this comprehensive course includes didactic sessions and laboratory visits, culminating in fellows developing research proposals that integrate methodological and analytical principles of molecular epidemiology. In the past, DCEG investigators have evaluated and funded four proposals for up to $10,000.

Genetics Analysis Course by the NCI Core Genotyping Facility
Complementing the DCEG Molecular Epidemiology Course, this one-day course on genetics reviews basic issues in germline variation, population genetics, and analysis strategies for common genetic variations.

DCEG Fellows’ Annual Media Training
This annual training is designed to help fellows learn how to manage media inquiries and how to describe their research in interviews with science and health reporters. The session reviews what motivates reporters and their questions, common principles for giving a good interview and staying in control, as well as suggestions for how to most effectively communicate the main messages of a particular study. For more information, contact Ms. Jennifer Loukissas.

Workshop on Delivering Effective Presentations
An interactive workshop to provide fellows and other staff with skills to improve the development and delivery of scientific talks and preparing for and responding to questions. To reinforce the concepts of data visualization and design, participants work together to critique and revise their slides. To raise awareness of the qualities of effective presentation delivery, participants give 2-3 minute ‘mini’ presentations that are videotaped and played back to the group for feedback. For more information, contact Ms. Jennifer Loukissas.

Grants and Grantsmanship Workshop
The annual grant writing workshop enables fellows from DCEG and the CPFP to learn grant writing skills, develope a written research proposal and participate in a mock study section. It is designed to prepare participants to be better equipped to compete for funding opportunities in the future. For more information contact Dr. Jackie Lavigne.

Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry Course
The DCEG Radiation Epidemiology Branch periodically offers a course on radiation epidemiology, with a focus on radiation-related cancers. Lecturers discuss radiation dosimetry in epidemiologic studies, methodologic issues, and challenges in studying low-dose effects. View course information from the latest Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry Course.

NCI Summer Curriculum in Cancer Prevention
The Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (CPFP) provides two summer courses annually in cancer prevention and control. Both courses are open to physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals. It is comprised of a four week "Principles and Practice of Cancer Prevention and Control" course, and a one week "Molecular Prevention" course.