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NCI Director’s Award Ceremony 2020, DCEG Staff Recognized

National Cancer Institute's 2020 Director's Awards. Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics.

On January 11, 2021, several staff from the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG) were honored for their service at the 2020 NCI Director’s Awards ceremony. (Names listed below are only of awardees currently working in DCEG).

For outstanding dedication and collaboration in planning and executing NCI's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in support of mission-critical research, clinical care, and administrative operations:

Stephen J. Chanock
Sharon Savage

For serving as a conduit between the divisions, offices and centers, and NCI IT, being informed of new initiatives and vocalizing their computational needs in the inaugural Class of NCI IT Ambassadors:

Sadie Holmes-Lillie
Jenna Nober
Mila Oasan
Geoff Tobias

For the creation of NCI-wide Electronic Individual Development Plan for Trainees:

Jackie Lavigne

In recognition of their commitment and creativity in assessing and communicating radiation-related cancer risk to residents of New Mexico from the Trinity Test, the world's first nuclear explosion:

Elizabeth Cahoon
Jennifer Loukissas
Ruth Pfeiffer
Steven L. Simon

For the development and deployment of myDCEG, a suite of tools built to improve decision-making, administrative, and business processes in DCEG:

Jonas Almeida
Montserrat Garcia-Closas 
Justin Heisey
Jenna Nober    
Nihar Shah            
Geoffrey Tobias    
Hannah Yang    

Several other DCEG staff were recognized for their years of continued service at the NCI:

40 Years
Mary Patricia Madigan
30 Years
Alisa Goldstein
Allan Hildesheim
20 Years
Blanche P. Alter
Wen-Yi Huang       
Kiyohiko Mabuchi
Sam M. Mbulaiteye
Ruth M. Pfeiffer
Sharon A. Savage  
Steven L. Simon                  
Rebecca Troisi

10 Years
Gabriella Andreotti
Gretchen L. Gierach 
Kevin M. Brown
Stella Koutros         
Sarah Locke
Lisa Mirabello
Wendy Schneider-Levinson 

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