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Who We Study

DCEG research is carried out among a variety of cohorts, cancer cases, and families.

DCEG's Commitment to Collaboration

Cases and Controls

DCEG investigators have collaborated with researchers around the globe to develop incredibly rich studies of special populations. Below are a sample of these studies:  

  • Cancer Survivor Studies

    The DCEG Cancer Survivorship Research Unit seeks to improve the clinical care and quality of life of cancer survivors by increasing understanding of the adverse effects of treatment through trans-disciplinary epidemiological and genetics studies.

  • Cohorts Developed by DCEG Investigators

    Cohort studies are a powerful tool to evaluate defined populations over time, either prospectively or retrospectively.

  • Family Studies

    DCEG has a long history of investigation of cancer-prone families. Our research on hereditary syndromes and cancer has made a significant impact on numerous types of cancer, with implications for sporadic disease as well.