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Exposure Assessment Tools

Diet and Activity

  • ACT24: Activities Completed over Time in 24 Hours

    Activities Completed over Time in 24-hours (ACT24) is a web-based previous-day recall instrument that was designed to estimate daily summary values for physical activity and sedentary behavior, including energy expenditure, time spent sitting and in different types and intensities of physical activity.

  • Automated Self-Administered 24-hour Dietary Assessment Tool (ASA24)

    ASA24 is a freely available web-based tool for epidemiologic, interventional, behavioral, or clinical research from NCI that enables multiple automatically coded self-administered 24-hour recalls and food records. There are U.S., Canadian, and Australian versions.

Occupation and Environment

Ionizing Radiation

  • Radiation Dosimetry Tools: NCIDose

    NCIDose is a collection of medical radiation dosimetry tools developed by radiation physicists in the Radiation Epidemiology Branch. These tools can be used to estimate the radiation organ doses received by patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

  • Radiation Risk Assessment Tool (RadRAT)

    Descriptions of an online calculator for estimating the lifetime risk of cancer incidence for members of the U.S. population (or countries with similar cancer incidence rates) from exposure to ionizing radiation for doses below 1 Gy.

  • Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program

    The Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program (IREP): Probability of Cancer Causation from Radiation contains a collection of risk coefficients for cancer incidence obtained mainly from the Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors' Study, and other epidemiological studies. The risk coefficients are adjusted for random and systematic errors in the A-bomb survivors' dosimetry, and they are adapted for the U.S. population. Appropriate adjustments of the coefficients are made for low-dose and low-dose-rate exposure situations. The uncertainties in every component are fully expressed and propagated.