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MultiAssoc is a MATLAB software package for test of association of a disease with a group of SNPs after accounting for their interaction with another group of SNPs or environmental exposures. In addition to implementing two standard logistic regression based tests, the package implements a novel method, called TukAssoc , that uses the Tukey’s 1 d.f. model for interaction between two groups of covariates.

Download Software: 

  • Download the file and unpack it in an appropriate directoty. 
  • In MATLAB, use the (file--> set path) menu to add the directory to the search path in which the files have been placed. The main function the user needs to call is 'multilocus_test'. 
  • Please read input_output.txt file for instruction about the input and output arguments.


Chatterjee N., Kalaylioglu Z., Moslehi R., Peters U., Wacholder S. (2006). Powerful multilocus tests of genetic association in the presence of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions. Am J Hum Genet, Vol. 79, 1002-16.


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