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POWER V3.0 Software

POWER is a windows-based program for computation of sample size and power for binary outcome studies (case-control and cohort studies) based on a logistic-like regression model with one covariate or two covariates (e.g., gene X exposure interactions).

Download Software:

  • Download: Install_PowerV3.exe
  • Save this file in an appropriate folder on your disk.
  • Click on it, and the POWER program will be installed on your machine.

Note: If your computer is running under the Windows 2000 operating system,
the install program must be run from an account with installation privileges (ie. Power User or Administrator).

If you are not sure what privileges you have, please contact your System Administrator. 


Suggested reference for the POWER program:

Garcia-Closas M, Lubin JH. Power and sample size calculations in case-control studies of gene-environmental interactions: Comments on different approaches. Am J Epidemiol 1999;149:689-93.


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