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Taking Stock of the Initiative So Far

Reflecting on the last 10 months and six Inclusivity Minutes, has prompted a reassessment of the vision for this initiative. At the outset, the stated goal was to educate and to spark conversation and inquiry about issues related to workplace inclusion and diversity, which remains true. An equally important goal is to amplify the voices and perspectives of staff who are part of the out-groups, who experience less privilege, or are generally under-represented in the Division.

Have these communications made you feel uncomfortable at times? The work of achieving equity can be uncomfortable and requires us to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zone. These communications are raising key issues that we need to understand better, and it is true that sometimes new insights can be born of challenging moments. In the end, these topics should stimulate further thought and make us more aware of their importance.

Please continue to send your feedback and share the conversations you are having about the Inclusivity Minute. The more conversations about inclusion and diversity the better!

Currently, the topic and content of each Inclusivity Minute is reached through consensus by members of the Office of the Director, the Fellows committee, and the Office of Education (for more information, see the FAQs). This ad hoc Inclusivity Minute committee is open to any who are interested in participating: administrative, scientific, and support staff. Do you have an idea for a topic? Would you like to be part of an in-person discussion about topics we touch on? Please reach out via email or through an anonymous, open-ended one-question survey.

Here are some resources that address the topic of inclusivity and diversity more broadly:

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Equity & Equality

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