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2021 Intramural Research Awards

Derek Brown, Jessica Gorzelitz, Jun Zhong, Naoise Synnott, and Maisa Pinheiro win 2021 Intramural Research Awards.

DCEG Intramural Research Awards (IRAs) are competitive funding opportunities designed to foster creative, high-impact research by fellows and tenure-track investigators. Proposals are evaluated on their potential for significant scientific or public health impact, innovation, interdisciplinary nature, ability to achieve the objectives within the proposed time frames and with the proposed resources, and programmatic relevance to DCEG’s mission.

The following proposals were selected for a 2021 IRA:

  • Derek Brown, Ph.D. – “Examining the relationship between global DNA methylation and mosaic chromosomal alterations in leukocytes"
  • Jessica Gorzelitz, Ph.D., M.S. – “Development of a targeted circulating biomarker for muscle strengthening exercise with broad application to cancer epidemiology"
  • Naoise Synnott, Ph.D., M.P.H. – “Understanding the Early Onset of Breast Cancer in LFS patients using Somatic Landscape Analysis and Digital Pathology"
  • Jun Zhong, Ph.D. – “Uncovering the dark matter of pancreatic cancer: somatic mutations in non-coding gene regulatory elements"
  • Maisa Pinheiro, Ph.D. – “Integrative analyses of cervical cancer somatic mutations, HIV and HPV in Sub-Saharan Africa: a pilot investigation towards diminishing health disparities in research"
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