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Confluence Project

The Confluence project will develop a large research resource to uncover breast cancer genetics through genome-wide association studies (GWAS). The resource will include at least 300,000 breast cancer cases and 300,000 controls of different races/ethnicities. This will be accomplished by the confluence of existing GWAS and new genome-wide genotyping data to be generated through this project.

Broad scientific aims that can be addressed through this resource include:

  1. To discover susceptibility loci and advance knowledge of etiology of breast cancer overall and by subtypes.
  2. To develop polygenic risk scores and integrate them with known risk factors for personalized risk assessment for breast cancer overall and by subtypes. 
  3. To discover loci for breast cancer prognosis, long-term survival, response to treatment, and second breast cancer. 

For more information, please see the Confluence Data Platform.

Please contact the project manager, Thomas Ahearn, at

Confluence is supported by NCI Intramural Research funds.