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Pleuropulmonary Blastoma DICER1 Syndrome Study

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The Pleuropulmonary (PPB) DICER1 Syndrome Study is an observational study of individuals with PPB and/or other DICER1-related tumors and their families. The study seeks to define the tumor types and risks associated with the DICER1 syndrome. Investigators also seek to understand why some individuals with a change in DICER1 develop cancer while others remain healthy.

To carry out this study, the Clinical Genetics Branch is partnering with the DCEG Cancer Survivorship Research Unit and leading research groups, including:

For more information, contact Douglas Stewart, M.D.

Information for Participants

All individuals with PPB or related tumors and conditions and their family members are encouraged to participate. Visit the participant recruitment website.

Phone: 800-518-8474 to speak with our research team

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