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Nested Cohort

NestedCohort is an R software package for fitting Kaplan-Meier and Cox Models to estimate standardized survival and attributable risks for studies where covariates of interest are observed on only a sample of the cohort. Standard designs that can be handled by this software include the case-cohort and case-control studies conducted within defined cohorts. At this time, the software does not yet support nested case-control designs.

This software requires you to have R 2.15.2 or higher installed on your computer. R is freely-available statistical software that is very similar to S-PLUS. To install R on your computer, visit the R homepage. In the manual included with NestedCohort, I show how to import SAS data into R for NestedCohort to analyze.

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Suggested reference for the NestedCohort program:

Studies that have utilized this software:

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