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Lung Cancer Risk Models for Screening (R package: lcrisks)

In both the absence and presence of screening, the R package calculates individual risks of lung cancer and lung cancer death based on ovariates: age, education, sex, race, smoking intensity/duration/quit-years, Body Mass Index, family history of lung-cancer, and self-reported emphysema. In the presence of CT screening akin to the NLST (3 yearly screens, 5 years of follow-up), it uses the covariates to estimate risk of false-positive CT screen as well as the reduction in risk of lung cancer death and increase in risk of lung cancer screening. This package also estimates the Life Years Gained From Screening-CT (LYFS-CT) as per Cheung et al., 2019. It requires the same variables as LCDRAT plus 12 additional comorbidities and the year of patient assessment.

Software Download (Version 4.1.3):




Email: Li Cheung and Hormuzd Katki

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