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Metabolic Epidemiology Branch Research Areas

The Metabolic Epidemiology Branch focuses on high-quality, high-impact research that seeks to understand the etiology of a number of malignancies and the role of various lifestyle factors and unique exposures. Our research is predicated on rigorous epidemiologic approaches, with integration of state-of-the-art methods for defining exposures of interest.

Cancer Types

Studies focused on understanding the etiology of various cancers include:

UGI Cancer Research Group

The Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Research Group fosters the exchange of ideas and expertise on UGI cancers among investigators from DCEG, NCI, and the extramural community.

Lifestyle and Other Exposures

Studies that seek to define the role of lifestyle and other exposures in cancer risk include:

Emerging Methods and Technologies

MEB investigators are utilizing emerging methods and technologies to further their research, including:

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DCEG's Commitment to Collaboration