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Breast Cancer Among Asian Women

Breast cancer is known to vary significantly by race/ethnicity. While ER+ breast cancer is a signature disease in Western populations, breast cancer among Asians has been associated with an early age-onset, a higher proportion of HER2+ tumors, and a distinct shape of age-specific incidence rate patterns. In addition, Asian women also have a higher proportion of dense breast tissue. 

DCEG investigators are conducting studies in several Asian populations, including Hong Kong. In these studies, breast tissues (frozen and/or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues) as well as information on risk factors, clinical data, breast density, blood or saliva for germline DNA, are being collected. The main goals of these studies are to identify distinct molecular alterations in tumors and adjacent normal tissues among Asian women and to examine the associations of these molecular changes with risk factors (genetic and environmental), breast tissue composition and density, and breast cancer subtypes.

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